Forecast the Future – New Materials, Graphene – cj4

Forecast for New Materials and Graphene No forecast could miss out Graphene. There will be other materials though in the meantime Ill look at Graphene. […]

Forecast the Future – The Grwoth of Cities, cj3

Forecasting the Future – start with the past and add in some Black Swans. The Growth of Cities: – the growth of the cities, architecture, engineering, new materials, ideas, technologies […]

Forecast the Future – Knowledge and Science – cj2

The word ‘science’ is derived from the Latin ‘Scio’ meaning I know or ‘sciere’ to know., so knowledge and science are the same thing. Everything that follows here comes from what we knew ten thousand years ago; what we knew in 1900 GMT; what we know now (year 2012 GMT) and what we will know tomorrow and further into the future. […]

Forecasting the Future – cj1.

Forecasting the Future – start with the past and add in some Black Swans The Starting Points:- – the growth of knowledge and its implementation: genetics; bionics; robotics; neurology; stem cells; gerontology; […]

“Tomorrows’ Tides” is published at Amazon Kindle Store

“Tomorrows’ Tides” – the new book coming in at 85,000 words. Thank you. You all made constructive comments about “Tomorrows’ Winds”which I have tried to respond to, so now we have “Tomorrows’ Tides.” Previously you said: Very imaginative and stimulating, it’s a damned good read. I couldn’t put it down.” […]