Scotland – We want a quick and dirty solution

Scotland – We want a quick and dirty solution

We really can’t stand the sound of this argument going on for years. We’ve had enough already and we want to concentrate on getting out the hole the Scottish Politicians and the Scottish Banks created.

They get their independence, now or within twelve months
We keep everything else. They came in bankrupt and leave the same way
Scottish MPs leave the UK Parliament forthwith
Because of the UK Tax-payers guarantees we keep Natwest, RBS and HBOS
We keep the Scottish named regiments, treated as the Gurkhas
We withdraw our air force, seamen and the submarine base and close our air bases. They can have and pay for their share of the Monarchy and the Royal Family.
No Scot in any UK (now English) Quangos as they all have to resign unless they apply for irrevocable English citizenship
No access to the Pound Sterling.
No Sottish Lords in the House of Lords
No international treaties.
No subsidies for trains, buses or planes crossing into Scotland. They will stop at the nearest station in England south of Hadrian’s Wall
No subsidies for arts, research, sport, etc
No special treatment, the Immigration rules as for EU citizens
No dual citizenship. Any Scot living in England has to opt in or opt out
No subsidies for postal services or telecoms
No right to use the Union Jack in any circumstance
No Credit, all services we need to provide for Scotland need to be paid for in advance because of the risk of default.

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